avihem helps orphaned Chassanim and
Kallos start married life with pride.

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Total cost us a year to operate and help them.


New orphans due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Pay a full wedding night.

On the night of your own wedding, the happiest day of your life, share your celebration by sponsoring an orphan’s wedding. Enabling a heartbroken orphan to walk to their chuppah with dignity and joy is a most virtuous form of charity, as noted in many seforim. In the merit of rebuilding the life of Hashem’s special children, may you merit a blissful marriage, harmony in the home, and abundant blessings.

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Covid-19 New 280+ heimishe orphans

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Contribute any amount ($20, $180, $500 $1,200 or any other amount) every orphan’s wedding and partake in the joy of so many marriages. Sign up and our system will automatically charge every time an orphan gets married. This movement is quickly gaining momentum as donors realize what a long way their money go when so many yidden open their hearts just a crack. It’s brilliant, it’s easy and it’s efficient.

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About avihem

Avihem fully sponsors all expenses of an orphan’s wedding night, including the ballroom, catering, flowers, photographer, clothing, and much more.

The funds are transferred directly to the vendors of the above-mentioned services to ensure utmost dignity and privacy.

Orphans approaching their wedding may complete an application here. Once vetted and approved, Avihem proceeds to pay for their wedding night completely and privately.

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