Share the joy on your wedding night!

On the night of your own wedding, the happiest day of your life, share your celebration by sponsoring an orphan’s wedding. Enabling a heartbroken orphan to walk to their chuppah with dignity and joy is a most virtuous form of charity, as noted in many seforim. In the merit of rebuilding the life of Hashem’s special children, may you merit a blissful marriage, harmony in the home, and abundant blessings.


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Can’t commit long term? Your donation will go a long way.

Hit the donate button anytime to extend your contribution to the worthiest of causes. Rest assured, our donation goes to brighten the world of chosson or kallah rising from the embers of their destroyed youth to walk to their dream-come-true wedding night. Every dollar counts, so what are you waiting for?


Join avihem and help hundreds of orphans every year.

Over three hundred and eighty young children were orphaned in this horrific pandemic. Over three hundred and eighty innocent pure souls were torn away from their beloved parent. Each of them has a unique name, a sweet face, a personality, hopes, dreams, wishes… a whole world. And each of them will, b’ezras Hashem, stand under the chuppah – a true nechama to the tragedy of their childhood.

You can be there for them. Join the movement to contribute any amount toward every orphan’s wedding. Sign up and our system will automatically charge your card every time an orphan gets married. It’s brilliant, it’s easy and it’s efficient. Their joy, their delight, their ecstasy is your credit – forever. Join the joy!