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Funding orphan weddings. Mending broken hearts.

When a young child suffers the loss of a parent, no words can describe their anguish, pain and despair. Their home is shattered, their nest crumbled. The life they knew and loved has vanished, never to reappear.

The ultimate solace for these orphans is the joy of building a little nest of their own together with their partner in life. However, that joy is shrouded in uncertainty and distress as orphans all too often grapple wth financial difficulty.

We at Avihem are committed to restore that joy, that sparkle on their faces, that twinkle in their eyes. With the support of klal Yisroel, we fund the wedding of their dreams. In full.

Our greatest satisfaction is the knowledge of how much this means to a heartbroken orphan. Our work is a work of delight, of lighting up dulled eyes and sullen faces. You, too, can be a part of this joy by donating generously to bring their dreams to fruition.

How We Help

Avihem fully sponsors all expenses of an orphan’s wedding night, including the ballroom, catering, flowers, photographer, bridal gown, etc. The funds are transferred directly to the vendors of the above-mentioned services to ensure utmost dignity and privacy.

Orphans approaching their wedding may complete an application. Once vetted and approved, Avihem proceeds to pay for their wedding night completely and privately.

We are not doing this ourselves. This is a responsibility shouldered by klal Yisroel in awe-inspiring unity. We are merely the conduit through which astronomical funds are raised by our generous, compassionate nation.


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Every time an orphan is married off, our system will automatically charge $5 towards the wedding.


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Your donation will help an orphaned chosson and kallah start a new life and build a family.

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View the calendar to select a wedding the same night as your/your child’s big day.



Share your celebration by sponsoring an orphan’s wedding, enabling an heartbroken orphan to walk to their chuppah.


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In the merit of rebuilding the life of Hashem’s special children, may you merit a blissful marriage, harmony in the home, and abundant blessings.

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Board Members

Shmuel Yoel Feldbrand


Hershel Green

Vice President

Honorary Board

R' Shimshon Pscherhofer

R' Sholom Meir Kestenbaum

R' Yosef Aryeh Brunner

R' Chaim Meisels

Board of Directors

Shlomie Horowitz

Aaron Shain

Mordechai Fisch

Moshe Yakov Psherhofer

Yaakov Wieder


הרב משה הלל הירש

הרב ניסן קרליץ

הרב חיים קניבסקי

הרב א. ל. שטינמן

כ”ק אדמו”ר מבעלזא שליט”א

הרב בנימין א. אייזענבערגער

הרב נפתלי הירצקא פרענקל

הרב אלכסנדר סענדער יצחק ערלאנגער

הרב אברהם חיים שטיינווארצעל

הרב נחמן יחיאל מיכל שטיינמעץ

Bring peace and joy to an orphaned kallah or chasson.

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