What is Avihem?

I was living life blissfully, oblivious to any hardships and pain our brethren endure.

Until one day when everything changed.

I received an urgent phone call from a respected individual with a desperate plea to gather funds needed for a wedding taking place in several days.

The mother of the bride had passed on which left a heavy burden on the father. Two days before the wedding, the father of the bride collapsed. It was time to step in.

B”H funds for the wedding were quickly gathered. The father of the kallah recovered and it ended up being a joyous event.

This encounter gave birth to Avihem, who now realized the shockingly number of families in need of assistance at a time of stress.

Avihem is an organization which responds to the many orphaned, brides in need of financial assistance. Avihem works beyond their limits to lift the burden of the entire wedding night.